I study how family relationships are associated with older people's health outcomes

Family Demography

How do parenthood and marriage link to individuals’ well-being?

  • Parental status, fertility history, parent-child relationship quality
  • Marital status, marital history, spousal relationships

Population Health

I’m particularly study cognitive health and mental health

  • Cognitive health: cognitive decline in later life, Alzheimer’s diseases and related dementia (ADRD)
  • Mental health: depression, stress, happiness/subjective well-being

Aging & Life Course

My research focuses on older adults’ health trajectories over the life course

  • The association between family relationships and health among aging population
  • The impact of early life experience on individuals' health at later life

Gender & Sexuality

Gender & Sexuality are perspectives I employ to examine the association between family relationships and health

  • Sexual lives among older adults
  • Gender variations in family relationships and health disparities
  • Gender ideology/norms and its impact on people’s well-being
  • Sexual orientation and health outcomes